Siddhartha Jaiswal

Assistant Professor of Pathology

Faculty in Immunology

M.D., Stanford University

Ph.D., Immunology, Stanford University

B.S., Biological Sciences, Stanford University

Stanford Profile


Daniel Nachun

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D., Neuroscience, UCLA


Hind Bouzid

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D., Hematology/Oncology, Université Sorbonne-Paris Cité


Kameron Rodrigues

Graduate Student

Kameron graduated with his B.S. from the University of Arizona in 2014, double majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology. He worked for 3 years as a post-baccalaureate fellow at the National Institutes of Health, conducting both wet and dry lab research. Now, Kameron is a graduate student studying Computational and Systems Immunology within the Immunology program at Stanford. He is interested in researching the effects of human genetic variation on the immune system during the pathogenesis of common complex diseases. Kameron is co-mentored by Stephen Montgomery and Siddhartha Jaiswal.


Sara Wirth

Lab Manager

Sara graduated with her B.S. in Physiology and Neuroscience from UCSD in 2015. She has experience in molecular and developmental biology as well as protein engineering, tissue culture, and pediatric neurogenetics. She will bring skills from her time in both industry and academia to several projects in the Jaiswal lab.


Lisa Ma

Senior Research Associate

Lisa attended UCLA as an undergraduate, and completed her M.S. at Stanford. Throughout her professional career she has worked in protein science, cell biology, molecular biology as well as next generation sequencing. Lisa helped develop an AML cancer panel for clinical diagnoses and in the Jaiswal lab, she studies CHIP and single cell biology.

"The thing I enjoy most about working at Stanford is absolutely the people I work with: their talent, intellectual curiosity, and their willingness to help others."


Jk Gopakumar

Research Associate

Jk, a Bay Area native, completed his undergrad at Pomona College where he obtained a B.S. in Neuroscience. He was also a member of the soccer and track teams at Pomona College. He is currently working in the Jaiswal lab while applying to MD/PhD programs.


Eti Sinha

Research Associate

Eti graduated from UC-San Diego with a B.S. in Bioengineering in 2018. She has a diverse research experience ranging from tissue engineering to synthetic genomics to bioseparations, both in industry and academia. While applying to Ph.D. programs, Eti is working in the Jaiswal lab with the computation team. Eti aims to be a technical leader in industry one day.


Urvashi Jain

Visiting Graduate Student

Urvashi is an international visiting research scholar pursuing her M.S. in Biological Sciences and B.E in Computer Science at BITS-Pilani University in India. She has some experience in molecular biology, genomics, and cell culture. She plans to complete her masters thesis project here in the Jaiswal Lab.

Past Members


David Steiner

Molecular Pathology Fellow

Clinical Pathology Resident


Ph.D., Immunology, UCSF

B.S., Cognitive Neuroscience, UCSD